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Skippers Transport Milestones

The Skippers Group of Companies was established and family owned since 1961. Through the years, we continue to provide solutions that enable, promote and create growth of commerce throughout Western Australia.

Below are the Skippers Transport key highlights and milestones.

1961 - Skippers Transport opened by Williams and Somes.
- Skippers Transport commences Parcel distribution from Brown St. East Perth.
1972 - Courier services commence operations.
1981 - Welshpool depot commences bulk freight operations.
- Warehousing operations commence at Welshpool depot.
1987 - Osborne Park depot commences Parcel and Courier operations
1988 - Skippers Transport acquired by Quinlivan Family
1990 - Skippers Aviation commences operations.
2003 - Skippers Regional Transport acquires Geraldton operation.
2005 - Kore Rental commences operations.
2008 - Geraldton depot acquired at Crawford St.

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